The Magic Formula

The Magic FormulaThe other day, you were really looking forward to a nice hot shower. You were tired, maybe a little dirty, but mostly you were excited to let everything about the day go down the drain with the water. But when you stepped in and shut the curtain, you couldn’t enjoy it. Why? Because the first thing you saw when you stepped inside was a once white wall covered in nasty soap scum.

 All you wanted was a little relaxation, but it was ruined by a little bit of dirt. Next time you step in your shower, hopefully it will be to put one of these on the wall. Then, all you have to do is wipe down the walls while you’re showering. and it will always be clean!

 The Magic Formula

 Here’s what you need to make one of these:

 -1 soap-dispensing dish-brush sponge


 -Dawn dishsoap

 Simply make a mixture in the sponge of half vinegar and half dishsoap and you’re good to go! You can use a twist-tie or a zip-tie and an easy-hook to keep it easily accessible on the wall.

So, the next time your feet ache and you just want some comfort from the warmth of the water, you won’t have to avoid the walls. They’ll be clean because you used the magic clean formula. It works on the tub itself too, so you won’t feel like your feet are dirtier coming out than when you went in. Ah! The comfort of clean! Maybe you’ll even take a bubble-bath next time.


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