“…and then I found myself in Wonderland.”

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Alice in Wonderland, written in 1865 spread like wildfire and even to today, Alice is still touching the lives of imaginative children today. Made into several different movies throughout the years, Alice has not disappointed yet. Maybe it’s the beautiful Alice or maybe the magical world that she ends up in that mesmerizes your children. Either way, they may come to you wanting a Wonderland themed bedroom, but how in the world are you going to provide this magical room? 

So you’ve been faced with creating a new room, but what are some key components that will make your room more whimsical?

MURALS: Murals in the room will automatically make the room more child friendly. Your child will love walking into their room and seeing plants that don’t grow in our world, animals that don’t talk in our world and even creatures only the craziest mind could create.

STUFFED ANIMALS: Put some stuffed animals (preferably ones that were shown in the movie) around the room in chairs, on shelves, on the bed, the windowsill. Anywhere! The more creatures from the movie, the more it will seem like a Wonderland.

FURNITURE: Get some whimsical furniture, or even vintage furniture. It will give the feel of the time period that Alice In Wonderland took place.

BEDDING: Get either a vintage bed set or a white set and it’ll go with all the magical colors throughout the room.

TINY DOOR: This is my favorite part! I loved doing this in my room, what you do is take a door from the dollhouse section in Hobby Lobby and decorate it then get some Velcro from Walmart and Velcro it to the wall.

Now you’re room is starting to come together, you can add small decor around the room to add to the Wonderland feel. You can find decor for an Wonderland room by clicking here: Alice In Wonderland Themed Decor You can add quotes on the walls, decals, and even posters to pull the atmosphere together. There’s even Alice in Wonderland dishes and cups. There’s just about anything you can think of in Alice stuff!

Here’s two videos with some ideas for you to try in your Alice in Wonderland room:

If that video wasn’t enough for you, here’s another:


Now that you’ve gotten some ideas, some pointers and a little more imagination, go to that room and turn it into a whole new world!

Enjoy your Wonderland and tell me all about it in the comments below!


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