Metallicly Yours

Metallicly YoursMetallicly Yours

You know how I told you metal just adds that little bit of something to a room? That’s exactly what happened here. With a can of metallic paint this old wooden chest was transformed from an ugly duckling, into a black swan.

 We started off by sanding off the old paint and smoothing down the ridges. Old wood has a tendency to get rough and ragged over time from lack of upkeep. With a thorough coating of primer and several layers of metallic paint later, this chest was reborn as a new decorative piece.Of course its birth was far from complete.

After an illuminating facelift, the feet of the chest were replaced for decorative knob shaped posts. The short feet lowered the chest making it contemporary and perfect for a casual setting. Follow up with a few crystal knobs to pretty things up, and you’re done! Probably one of the fastest DIYs you will ever complete!

 You could even layer on a thin layer of a glossy finishing spray to add some extra sheen and seal in the color. This is marvelous for the entry way – you could set a an empty bowl on top for  your keys and spare change. Add a vase of flowers to brighten things up. Or you could set your “mail” station here to write letters or personal notes before heading out the door before sticking them in the mail box.

 If you’re having trouble getting your hands on a chest, search Craigslist for an awesome deal. You’ll be shocked to see the endless possibilities.


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