UndercoverHave a handful of kids that are well, a handful? Add an organization system to your home that both you and the kids can navigate!


 Start by adding shelves under your high cabinets. Stick your canned goods, glass spice bottles, and dry ingredients here so that they’re quick to grab when you’re cooking up a storm. Think easy access! This is also a fabulous addition for those without a pantry or who need things visually laid out before them. You can take what you need and hastily place it back once you’re done, cleaning up as you go.

 If you have enough room under your cabinets, you might be able to fit two shelves into the empty space. If so, make sure to carefully space the shelves to maximize the potential. Try using the height of one of your spice jars for a rough estimate.

 For larger chunkier items, add clear drawers underneath your shelves so that they rest on the top of your counter. If you’re designing with kids in mind, make sure they are clear and plastic! This way you can throw in your kids’ favorite cereals and granola bars for mornings when you have decided to sleep in, so they can grab and munch. Aim for thick handle bars that are convenient to grasp and clean and a wide drawer to fit measuring cuts and spoons for dry foods.

 For products that are likely to go bad in the pantry such as fruits and breads, you could also throw them into one of the clear plastic drawers to prevent mold and fungus from getting to your goodies.


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