Paint Tips – Some Ways to Make Your Life Easier

Paint Tips – Some Ways to Make Your Life EasierHere are a few tips on how to make your life easier when it comes to painting your room or house.

1.)    Here’s a great way to recycle! The cardboard packaging that your 24-pack of bottled water comes in makes a great tray to hold all of your paint things together. The plastic on the outside keeps spills contained within the box.

2.)    Did you know that pimple pads and wipes make it easier to wipe up latex paint? Well, they do! If you get paint on the floor, don’t worry. It will be easier to get up if you just apply some skin-care to the floor.

3.)    If you’re painting spindles, here’s a way to make it easier. Drive long screws into both ends and rest the spindles on two wooden boards using the screws to hold them up. Easy!

4.)    Sometimes there are spots that are just hard to reach. Instead of hurting your back and still not having that spot looking beautiful, take the sponge pad from a paint edging tool and hot glue it to a paint-stirring stick. It’s thin and it’s versatile!

5.)    You’re a neat person, and you don’t want spray-paint on your floors. So you put down newspaper to keep things tidy. But when you go to pick up the chair you’ve just painted, it sticks to the paper! Just put drywall screws into the bottom of the chair’s legs and when you go to pick it up, no sticking.

6.)    You can use a blow-dryer to soften adhesive tape and make it easier to peel off the walls.

7.)    Use a wire hanger as a paint-brush wiper. Cut off the top of the hanger and bend it so that it fits onto the sides of the paint can. Make part of the wire go across the can, just over the paint itself. Easy to wipe excess paint!


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