Southern Revivals – Great Ideas for Your Own Furniture Fix-ups

Southern Revivals – Great Ideas for Your Own Furniture Fix-upsYou just bought a pair of end-tables from the flea-market. At the time, you thought they looked great and had a lot of potential. But now that you see them in your house, you don’t know what you were thinking. You’re at a loss as to what to do with them. Try checking out Southern Revival, a blog all about furniture re-dos. You won’t find better ideas for your end-tables than you’ll get here. With her own project examples, paint suggestions, and step-by-step instructions on how-to, Jamie, the blog’s creator, fills this site out nicely with content. And she doesn’t skimp on quality.

Southern Revivals   Great Ideas for Your Own Furniture Fix ups

 Her ideas are quirky and full of personality. And they look good too! She gives the viewers of her blog photos showing what kind of finish she used, how she applied the paint, her sanding job, or what dings and scrapes she had to fix. It’s like you’re there with her as she’s doing the project.

She also includes links to helpful websites and good deals on her blog. She recommends Joss & Main, a high end home décor store which is having a 70% off sale, according to Jamie. She has her own shop, which she markets on facebook. They offer workshops on painting and furniture fix-ups, as well as the fix-ups themselves. And they have coffee too! What more could you want in a shop! So check out Jamie’s blog! It’s full of great ideas and connects you to great resources, including her own store!


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    Thank you for the excellent suggestions. …I’m hooked!


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