Tame Large Mirrors by Breaking It Up

Tame Large Mirrors by Breaking It UpTame Large Mirrors by Breaking It Up

Is your bathroom boring? Are you sick of walking in looking at that huge mirror? You used to love it; it opened up the room so much! But it seems so plain now. The mirror adds so much space to the room that it has taken over. Here’s an easy solution to your problem. Break up the space to add interest to the room!

In the picture, they separated the mirror with shelves and a border with trim. And they didn’t even have to take out the mirror. Just build over it! It’ll take careful measuring of the space, and you’ll need to find the border and shelving. But once you do that, you’re good to go!

We love how the shelves break up the space, giving the eye a place to rest itself. Before, the mirror added so much space that it was like your vision was lost in an ocean! The shelves don’t just add that resting spot and visual appeal. They add storage room that is always needed in a bathroom.

But the shelf isn’t the only aesthetic addition. The border placed around the mirror contains the reflection, once again keeping it from overwhelming the eye. The color white adds a crisp and clean feel to the room, and invites a relaxed atmosphere. And it goes perfectly with the pale green on the walls!

Tame Large Mirrors by Breaking It UpIf your bathroom mirror is overwhelming you, give your eyes a break with this shelf and border combo! Next time you walk into your bathroom, you’ll be able to breathe and relax.


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