Three Mirrors in One!

Three Mirrors in One!Another handy tip on large bathroom mirrors. As nice as they can be, sometimes they can overwhelm the email space by giving you too much of it. You could take it down and put in a smaller one. Or you could separate it into two mirrors with a cabinet and some border trim. But why not consider this: keep the mirror and get the benefit of three at the same time by taking the border and trim idea and applying it to the situation. You just have to use the trim to separate into threes.

How does this help you with your problem? Isn’t it the same thing as having one large mirror in the room? Nope. You’re breaking things up for the eye! Rather than having that continuous space to look at, the eyes can rest on the border before continuing its scan of the wall. It’s the same kind of rest you need when you’re reading a book or article. If you don’t break up the paragraphs, the eye (really the brain) will get tired and the reader will lose interest. Crazy!

Three Mirrors in One!

And it’s relatively inexpensive too! Cheaper than buying an entirely new mirror anyway. Because you can build right over top of your original one! The sconces add a cute and sophisticated touch. Basically, by putting up the border you have more opportunities to coordinate various designs into the bathroom to make it an interesting and pleasant place to be. A bathroom should be relaxing! So consider a quick fix up that will relax you and make your bathroom a place you look forward to spending time in.


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