When Tackling the Basement

When Tackling the BasementWhen Tackling the Basement

Now if your home builders stuck an unattractive architectural structure in the middle of your room, go with it. Unique architecture gives the room personality. Instead of moaning over its existence, dress it up with some wood and style it into an attractive podium. Make sure to use the same colored wood as the rest of the house so that it blends in seamlessly. Your best bet is to go for a white design to match your crown molding.

 Speaking of crown molding, throw in some crown molding at the top and bottom of the structure as well.

 If the room is low on light, add some simple lights to every other step in your staircase. Light your stairs up into a runaway.

 To trick the eye into thinking you have a large space, use white or creme carpet.

 At a loss of what to do with your basement? Make it into a mini version of your house. Design your basement into a bathroom, living room, and kitchen, to serve as a room for entertaining your guests. You can party it up with your girlfriends or let your kids run wild without fear of disturbing the rest of your house. (Don’t forget the bar! Bars are great for serving or laying out food for your guests or your kids.)

 If you’re concerned over the cost of your AC bill during the summer, you could turn the air up in just the basement instead of the whole house and lounge down their instead of the main floor.

For an extra “oomph” pick dark wood. Dark wood is romantic and seductive.


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