And So We Bake

And So We BakeDepending on the size of your kitchen and the space available, work in a baking station into the design. You want to keep your baking goodies away from your meats which can infect your ingredients. Furthermore if you’re big on baking, committing an entire kitchen space to your hobby will be a welcomed convenience. Here you can house all of your baking supplies from cookie sheets to mixtures without cluttering your counter. Consider adding a granite slab as the counter top for easy clean ups and when rolling out your dough.

A good tip would be to add a couple of shelves to the space above your counter to house your immediate baking essentials such as rolling pins and measuring cups.

 And So We Bake

Keep in mind: Select or design a set of drawers as the base of your station that will fit your materials. You want something sturdy that will be able to accommodate those long cooling racks and heavy metal pans.

Pay attention to the backsplash too! You want to keep things cleaning friendly. Consider tiles which you can wipe down with a wet towel.

Pick something that you can match to the rest of the kitchen. The only way to ruin the design is to install a station that doesn’t match the color of the rest of the kitchen.

Add handles in the same color as the knobs. They don’t have to be the same knobs, but the same color will make your kitchen look streamline.

Make sure the station is flush with the floor. You don’t want something rolling underneath and having to grab a broom to coax it out. Worst idea ever!


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