Fairytale Hutch and Book Leaves

Fairytale Hutch and Book LeavesThis quaint hutch adds a fairytale feel to any dining room or kitchen. And these adorable leaves decorating the top only add to the effect. But if you look closely, you’ll see that these leaves aren’t the ordinary. They’re made out of pages from books!

 Fairytale Hutch and Book Leaves

 You can use whatever books you want for this project. Antiqued book pages add a nice touch, though any will do. If you mind cutting up the pages of one of your novels, go to a used book store and pick up a few fifty cent paperbacks. Then all you need is scissors and some tape or glue. Twisting brown packing paper will work for the “stems” of the leaves. Arrange them however you want and set them where you like.

As for the hutch itself, you can easily repaint a used one you find from a yard sale or flea market. And it doesn’t have to be gray. It depends on what you want to add to the room. But this particular hutch draws attention to itself without taking over the room. It’s subtle but bold at the same time.

 And it has a variety of uses. This hutch is used to display dishes. However, it can be used to hold your favorite books, photos of family (especially black-and-white photos), souvenirs from your travels, family heirlooms, or your own personal crafts. How you want to show off your personality and tastes is up to you. And you’ll have the opportunity with the space this hutch provides.


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