Fire Without the Wood – Fire Glass!

Fire Without the Wood – Fire GlassFire Without the Wood   Fire Glass!

It looks like fire. In fact, it is fire. But that doesn’t look like wood. And it’s blue. Is this something out of a sci-fi movie or Harry Potter? Nope. This is fire glass. It’s a great alternative to wood and looks fantastic! And there are a lot of benefits.

 Fire glass can be used in gas fireplaces and fire pits to keep a flame going. And it doesn’t burn. It’s actually retaining the heat and refracting the light using gas to burn. It works the same way that artificial logs do, but it’s definitely more interesting.

 In fact, it looks great! You can use this to pull together your room, whether you’re going for modern or not. And you can color-coordinate, as the glass comes in different colors. Warning: it may attract a lot of attention!  Many gas-powered fireplaces are not attractive, as you can see the piping that the gas travels through to make the fire. But with the glass cut to pebble-size, the piping is easily hidden underneath.

Another benefit? You don’t have to deal with the smoke and fumes that come from a wood fireplace or fire pit. Some people like the smell, but let’s face it: smoke is a hassle to deal with. Fire glass gets rid of that hassle.

 And it’s environmentally friendly too. You’re not cutting down trees for firewood. Also, the glass is specially formulated not to give off toxic fumes. And seeing as it doesn’t burn, you don’t have to worry about suffocating and possibly damaging smoke.


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