Succulent Wreath

Succulent WreathSucculent Wreath

A person’s door says a lot about who lives there. The color, the doorknobs, how many locks, and what decorations are on it. What does yours say about you? However it speaks to passers by, a wreath says that “a warm and welcoming person with good taste lives here!” So, why shouldn’t you have one yourself? A colorful wreath made out of flowers and plants is a great choice for your door. It’s sophisticated and interesting, drawing the eye and the compliments. What kind of flowers you choose is up to you, and since you have a flair for things like this, we know it’ll look good. But why not try using succulents?

 A succulent plant (sometimes called fat plants) are plants that are thick and fleshy, retain water, have a waxy texture, and are grown as ornamental plants because they’re so interesting to look at. If that’s the case, why not put them on your door?

 It starts with the picking the right kind of succulent. You want a good combination of colors. According to Martha Stewart, some good picks are sedum, Aenium, Echeveria, Kalanchoe, mother of pearl, and jade. You’ll want to cut the succulents one or two days before making the wreath. Make sure the stem sections you cut are one to two inches long. You want the ends to callus within the one or two days.

 You’ll need a mesh-covered moss wreath form. When you have it, soak it in water until fully saturated. Now, arrange your plants in the way that you want them on the wreath. When you’re going to put it in the wreath, make a small hole with a screwdriver, pencil, or scissors. Now put your cutting into the hole.You’ll want to secure the plants in the holes with pins, like craft clips or floral pins. Now all you have to do is hang it up!


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