Plywood Floor

Plywood FloorPlywood Floor

Bored with your usual tiled floors? Well, me too! The other day, I thought of the same thing. Then an awesome idea hit me! Why not put plywood on top of my tiled floor to make it seem new, and to change my Home decor for a change.

 Ever since it was built, it always had the same tiled floor and decor, I got sick of it. And finally, just yesterday, I purchased a bunch plywood for my floor. You can apply the plywood floors on top of the tiles so that it will even out the floor, as well as making a lesser mess, and of course to make your job easier.

 When applying the plywood floors, drill it in with screws to put in place. You can either choose small or big screws Plywood Floor . A handy drill Plywood Floor can be pretty handy rather than those screw drivers, they can make the job a little draggy and time consuming. In choosing the perfect plywood floor, choose the one that is light in color (light brown), and it should also be strong and sturdy for it to last a long time.

 With your plywood floors, you can change the decor of your room. Be it the Dining Room, Living Room, or your Bedroom. The plywood floors can make the room look fancy and elegant, plus it is a lot warmer than tiled floors. You can match the room’s decor with a Vintage theme or any theme you desire. The plywood floor can match just about anything!


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  • July 21, 2016 at 7:52 pm

    can a plywood floor be put over concreat slab


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