Love these chairs!

Love these chairs!Love these chairs!

 Wondering if you can still make use of your Vintage (or old) tables and chairs at home? Of course, you can! If you have one or more, make use of them! You can even repaint  them, even put varnish on them to make them look brand new. Also with your chairs, you can transform the chair into your liking. Here’s an idea, put foam on it and fabric to cover up the foam, for added comfort. This can make your chair look more fancy and unique. You can also repaint the chairs to match your table. If you opt not to put foam, just repaint the chairs or put varnish on it, it can make it look new.

You can put the table and chairs in the dining room, or at your deck. You can even decorate your deck with a Vintage theme to match the table and chairs. Another idea for the table is to decorate it. You can place table cloth and a vase of fresh flowers on top. If you want, you can gather up shells, photographs, and pebbles. Gather and decorate it on the table, then cover it up afterwards with a glass on top that is the same length of the table.

Seal it so it won’t fall off. There are a lot of ideas for your tables and chairs. You can do this Do-It-Yourself project to any Vintage table you have, or any regular table you have at home. Just imagine, create, and decorate! icon smile Love these chairs!


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