Cabinet Lighting in Your Kitchen

Cabinet Lighting in Your KitchenYour stomach just spoke to you, and it wasn’t whispering. You’re hungry! You tiptoe down the stairs for a late-night snack; it’s not something you do often, but you deserve a little treat. It’s dark and quiet, except for the wind outside. It’s blowing clouds in front of the moon, making it so you can’t see very well. You stumble quietly into the kitchen and search for the lights. You hit the second switch and a soft glow lights up the room. It’s not coming from the ceiling. Instead, the light plays from behind the glass in your cabinets, where your dishes and wine glasses rest.

 Cabinet Lighting in Your Kitchen

 For a creative solution to the challenge of bringing more light into your kitchen, try installing lights in your cabinets. It looks good, is original, and adds an interesting bit of depth to the rest of the room by giving the eye another layer to look at. Plus, it’s practical. Instead of installing more lights on the ceiling, which is already cluttered, or taking up counters and tables with lamps, just use the available space to suit your needs.

 Not only does it give you more light and look great, you can show off your things with spotlight-esque dramatic flair. Any good trophy room or study has spotlights to show off awards, souvenirs, or other items of pride. The same should go for your dishes and goblets. You have good taste. Instead of hiding it, show it off! Put it in the light and be confident in your own style.


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