How To: Cupcake Mason Jars

Are you looking for a great personalized gift that isn’t too expensive but that is still attractive? Here’s a great idea for cupcake mason jaHow-To-Cupcake-Mason-JarsHow To Cupcake Mason Jarsrs. It can be given as a gift in many situations, and it’s cute! You may find yourself making them for yourself.

 How To: Cupcake Mason Jars

 You’ll need to gather a few things before you start:

 -A mason jar (4oz)

 -White spray paint

 -White caulk

 -Tiny beads for the “sprinkles”


 -Something to top the cupcake (we used a jingle-bell here)

 -Optional: a sleeve for the mason jar to sit in

 1.) Spray paint the jar lid white with the spray paint. When it dries, put the lid back on the mason jar and seal it up.

 2.)  Take the caulk and carefully spread it on the jar lid in a circular motion, starting on the outside and working your way up, coiling the caulk on top of itself (as seen in the pic). Remember, you’re trying to make it look like a cupcake.

 3.)Before the caulk dries, sprinkle the beads on top of the “frosting.” Some might fall off, but just sprinkle more on as you’ll need.

 4.) If you want to leave it as it is, that’s fine. You can also place your jingle bell or other tiny decorative topper on the top.

 5.) Tie the ribbon around the jar top for a nice touch. If you want, you can also slip the mason jar into a sleeve.

 6.) Now get some kind of small candy, like M&M chocolates, and fill the jar with them. Now you’ve got a great looking tiny party favor or gift.

Want some ideas on where to get cheap mason jars and other trinkets?  Check out this article on thrifting!


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