Getting your bike ready to store

Im temptedBicycles are a big part in many peoples lives, its how you get around town, how to get to work, how you exercise etc. But when you decide to ride the bus or drive that old car you’ll need to know that there’s some things to do before just throwing it in the garage for the winter or other reasons.  Here’s a checklist of things you need to do before storing your bike away for a while, to ensure your bike will be in good condition for future use.

In addition, using a wall storage bike storage rack as seen in the picture will ensure the bikes are well organized and out of people’s way, so you maximize the space in your garage! If you are looking for such a bike rack, here’s one of the best we’ve found:

  • Inflate your tires. Inflating your tires will prevent deteriorating of the tire. (This is a must if your bike will be stored throughout the winter.) Inflating the tires will prevent the tires from going flat. Once they go flat the weight of the bike will be sitting on the rims in one spot on the rubber all Winter.
  • Clean the frame. Water hoses make me nervous especially when it comes to getting stuck in places it shouldn’t which could cause rusting if not handled properly so my suggestion is to use a small brush to knock dirt loose in small areas and a rag to wipe the rest of the bike.
  • Inspect your frame. Look for cracks, metal fatigue and other signs of wear. This can be done while wiping down your frame. You’ll need to look for this just in case. You don’t want to be riding your bike then it get wobbly and fall from underneath you, or worse, totally falls apart under you.
  • Lubricate the cables. To avoid problems with rusting or poor performance in the cables that may pop up in the spring, take a few minutes to lubricate the cables that control your brakes and shifting.
  • Wipe down tires, saddle and hand grips. You can get something like Armor-all and put it on your tires and rubber handgrips, as well as on your seat, if it is one with a cover made from leather, vinyl or another smooth synthetic surface.
  • Inspect tires, wheels, and brake pads. While you’re wiping down your tires, check your wheels for loose or broken spokes, and spin the wheels and look to make sure that they still spin true.
  • Clean your chain. A fresh coat of lubricant will help guard against rust next Spring when you bring it out and also you need to clean off some of the grime off the chain.
  • Clean out water bottles. You don’t want to store the bike then in Spring realize you have mold growing in your water bottles. Trust me, the best way to ruin your day is to open a bottle from your storage and find mold growing.

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Here’s a real cute video of why this guy likes bikes, I don’t know why I love this so much but it is just a very nice video!

Do you have a bike? Have you gotten your bike ready to store? Tell me where your bike takes you in the comments!


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