Before You Build: Six things to consider

Building a home can consume your thoughts, whether it be the textures and patterns, the rooms, or just the excitement it can easily suck you in. For me, the designing and decorating processes always seem to suck me in. But here are just a few things you don’t need to forget to consider.

  1. before-you-build-a-forum-of-handy-ideas Switches & Electrical Outlets. Decide where you’d like the switches and outlets, take into consideration where the most convenient areas for this would be. For example, you’ll want two or even four in your bedroom, a few in the kitchen for blenders, microwaves and other appliances.
  2. Laundry. Figure out where you want your laundry room, whether it’ll be be close to bedrooms or downstairs. Figure out where the washer and dryer will go and where the extra laundry-room storage will be.
  3. Exterior outlets & Faucets. Do you want to put up Christmas lights? Or maybe plug in some cooking appliances or something like that?  You’ll need some exterior outlets. What about faucets? Do you have a sprinkler or maybe a kiddie pool? Unless you want to carry water buckets from the indoors you”ll need a faucet.
  4. Door openings. Think about which way you want the doors to open,  you don’t want someone to walk into your kitchen and get hit with the dining room door or someone walking down the hallway and getting hit in the face with the hallways bathroom door.
  5. Plan your budget and straighten up your priorities. Are those quartz counter-tops worth their price? Do you have enough money to splurge on them? Before starting on the house, you need to write out your budget and the things you need vs. splurge items.
  6. Line up your team. Research the best contractors, designers, painters etc. in your area and even interview them if it makes you feel more secure with them.

Here’s a video showing the process of building a small home:

But, if all else falls through you could always decide to build your own like this:

Just kidding! But that is a pretty cool idea! Have something to add? Comment Below!


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