Seamless Flow

Seamless FlowIf you’re designing your own house or still in the market for a place to call home, you might want to consider looking into some creative architectural bathroom designs. You can have them installed yourselves or have the builder install them for you.

Here we have a spout releasing water from the wall into the tub. The spout is decorated with an assortment of tiles, framed against the wall. The look is reminiscent of the style of the Romans, who had a similar system in their open, public baths. Read more

The Return of the Sofa Table

The Return of the Sofa TableA lot of us are completely intent on shoving our sofa tables against the wall, but adding it behind the couch can add structure to an open room. If you have an open floorplan you can utilize this tip to break the room into sections.

If your living and dining room are one large room, stick a sofa table behind the couch to break it up. You want to create a soft division that is easy on the eyes and not too obvious. It should only be a slight interruption in the room’s flow, enough to trick the mind into thinking you have two rooms instead of one.

Sofa tables are also a fabulous way to add more accessories and decor to the room. They help lessen the clutter from your living room table and add some height to your decorations. Read more


HallwayTransform your hallway into a stunning corridor! Go dark! Paint your hallway walls black , and to balance it, add warmth and brightness with light colored lamp and textured furniture. For your entry hall, give it a bright entry.Decorate it with bright pieces. Bright decors such as jars, carpet, or your sofa pillows. Maximize the space of your hallway by installing floating shelves and adding a chaise lounge, this will look like an added study in the hallway. Read more

Hostas in a Pot

Hostas in a PotGrow Hostas in a pot! Here’s how: Choose a container or pot for planting. Be creative with the shape, the unique the better for your garden decor. Also consider the plant’s size.

To prevent waterlog, your pots or containers must have a drainage. To prevent waterlog and aid drainage, put 2 inches of styrofoam peanuts in the bottom of your pot or container. This too will help drainage. To the container or pot, add potting soil or a commercial soilless potting mixture. Hostas love soil that retains moisture, yet also drains properly. Read more

Smart Idea of No Counter Space in Bathroom

  1. Smart Idea of No Counter Space in Bathroom

A bathroom with no counter space or towel racks? Here’s a solution for you! If you saving on space, though you want to put your toothbrush and other needed paraphernalia in the bathroom, plus a towel, all you need is a little DIY. See the photo above?

On one side of the wall, toothbrushes and a toothpaste are place inside a small jar, it’s being placed or intact on a small piece of plywood, and under the jar is a towel hook where you can hang your towel in the bathroom. You can do exactly just that. but another idea would be floating shelves. Just take a wood that is enough for your bathroom. You can place it on one side of the wall. Read more

Small Bathroom Idea

Small Bathroom IdeaIdeas for a small bathroom: For bathrooms that doesn’t have a window, I have a solution for you. Sometimes, a bold color is all you need to lighten up your small bathroom. That way, it will seem bigger.For example, have a green-walled bathroom, or blue green, any bright bold color can do the job.

Less is more: Even if the space is narrow, make it seem bigger by painting the walls with a bright cobalt blue color, or any bright color, centered a white colored window. You don’t have to put a lot of decor, you can just have a simple chandelier inside your bathroom, now that’s clean, simple, and stylish. Read more

DIY Curtains

DIY-CurtainsI have done this a dozen times! My Mom taught me this, and I’m going to share this technique with you.

You will be needing these items: fabric of any kind and color, a roll of Stitch Witchery (can be found at craft and fabric stores), Iron, Ironing board, thin damp cotton clot, curtain rod , and drapery clip rings . First off, you need to measure your window. Read more

Great Teenager or Guest Room

Great Teenager or Guest RoomI have Bedroom idea to share to you. Great for teens, guest rooms, or any bedroom! If you have a teenage daughter who wants to personalize her room, show her the photo above.

It’s girly yet very inviting. I’m sure your daughter would love it. Instead of a boring white wall, paint the walls a bright, yet relaxing to the eyes color. The turquoise wall looked fab, even more when it was matched with the turquoise headboard. The ceilings can still be white because it complements the turquoise color very well. Read more

Kitchen Nook

Kitchen NookKitchen Nooks large or small, a perfect way to make the most of extra space in or near your kitchen. It is a great place for breakfast or afternoon snacks, aside from the Deck or the usual Dining Room, the Kitchen Nook is a cozy, inviting place for dining. It’s just a nook, a place to utilize extra space of your kitchen, although it is just that, it’s can enhance the overall appearance of your kitchen. Just enhance the nook’s quaintness. Read more

Printable Monogram

Printable Monogram Make your own monogram frame! A monogram is made by overlapping or combining letters to form one symbol. Monograms are quite trendy nowadays, from cellphone cases to necklaces, they are used as a fashion statement. Monograms are often made by combining the initials of an individual or a company. Make one for yourself.

A great idea would be your initials as the monogram, or probably you and your husband’s for a customized one. Aside from photos, this is a great way to personalize a decor. By looking at the photo above, it looks quite expensive. Yes, if you will let some professional do it for you. But actually, you can do this craft yourself cheap! Read more