The Nursery – Gifts To Help A New Mom Decorate!

ift-for-expecting-mothers-to-take-to-hospitalNew moms have alot of stress on them once the baby comes along, if its your first you’ll probably worry about how to take care of them, what could happen, how things are going to change, there are a lot of worries when it comes to a child, but one of your worries shouldn’t be their nursery.

When should it be ready?

When you find out you have a little addition on the way you’ll want to start thinking about decorating and buying furniture immediately but many mothers choose to wait. Some mothers choose to start buying the nursery furniture after they have found out the gender of the new child then put it all up closer to time. Many mothers wait till they’re 6-8 months to put everything together.  If you know a new mom who isn’t quite prepared with the nursery set up until the last minutes, the below list of items will also serve as a list of ideas that will make a great gift!

What items will I need?

  • Crib-there are many different types of cribs and various styles, and as long as they abide by the criteria (which is most of them in the U.S.) You can get dark wood, white, iron, etc.
  • Mattress- mattresses are what baby will lay on, make sure it abides by criteria and is comfy for baby.
  • Bedding- you can go wild with this, make it a solid color to match baby’s room or go with a theme that’d match the nursery’s theme.
  • Waterproof cover- this is for if baby’s diaper isn’t sturdy, basically his will save your mattress if there’s any leaks at all.
  • Monitor- a monitor isn’t actual furniture but it is a necessity if you’ll be sleeping in a separate room than your newborn.
  • Diaper pail- if you’ve ever smelled a dirty diaper then you know why this is on the list, a child’s diaper is awful and thrown in the trash to wait for trash day its a nightmare.
  • Rocker- you need to have one of these to get that sweet gift to sleep, babies love the soothing motion of rocking back and forth.
  • Changing table- a changing table for changing those stinky diapers, that way you don’t get stuck changing baby on the floor or in their bed.
  • Night light- this is pretty obvious, no one likes the dark so why not give baby some light?
  • Dresser- You’ll need somewhere to store babies clothes, and if it’s big enough you can store other things.
  • Smoke detector- this is for baby’s protection, if a fire ever breaks out you’ll want to know where it is, but hopefully you’ll never have to worry about that.

What are some nursery themes?

For Boys:

  • Jungle
  • Nautical
  • Camo
  • Prince
  • Alligator
  • Monkey
  • Beach
  • Cowboy
  • Sports
  • Sea animal
  • Trucks

For Girls:

  • Fairy
  • Princess
  • Woodlands
  • Cowgirl
  • Owl
  • Pattern/Designs
  • Hollywood
  • Flowers
  • Birds
  • Chevron

What are some need to know tips on decorating the nursery?

    • Stick to the theme.  Don’t have Winnie The Pooh sheets and Pokemon curtains. Sure the baby won’t know the difference, but wait till their kindergarten buddies start teasing them when they see pics:)
    • Buy furniture that can double as something else in the future. For example, a crib that doubles as a day bed, or a glider that looks like your livingroom furniture.
    • Don’t go too overboard. Don’t buy the most expensive sheets and stuff because sheets will be pottied on and beds will become too small.
    • Use blinds, blackout curtains etc. to keep the sun out when baby sleeps.
    • A dresser that doubles as a changing table will save space and money.

Want some videos to guide you in designing the nursery?

Here’s a neat video that shows how to make a nice tree along with owls with just scissors, tape and paint! I absolutely love this!

Here’s a video with some money saving tips for your baby’s nursery!

Have anything to add? Comment below and let me know what your nursery looks like or what items you love from your nursery!



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