Inexpensive ways to decorate your kitchen

kitchen ideaWhen you look at your kitchen, what do you see? Do you see a finely decorated kitchen that’s picture perfect? Or maybe you see something that was thrown together due to a tight budget?  Who wants a thrown together look for their kitchen? No one that I know of! Here’s some inexpensive ways to decorate your kitchen so you can turn your tight budget kitchen into a masterpiece in itself.  Read more


The Redesign Process | Design Your Dream Home!

images When remodeling a home, there’s a certain redesign process that must be followed to ensure you are happy with the results. A step by step process that will aid you in the remodeling of your home. By following this process you’ll be saving yourself money, time, and heartbreak. So how does this work? Get ready to hear the best kept secret in home redesign.

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Fifty Shades of Greige

75a505df8b4e108e94c7278174bddd4dI scowl with frustration at my client’s home on my computer. This color just won’t do. I should be studying for my final exams, which are next week, yet here I am searching for a color to put on this wall. I must not sleep till it’s done. I must not sleep till it’s done. Reciting this mantra several times. I attempt, once more, to bring the color to life. I roll my eyes in exasperation and gaze at the Sherwin Williams color palette. My only option is to just choose something and hope it looks presentable.

Then, I see it. It’s the most beautiful color I could’ve laid my eyes on. It’s the perfect shade, it’lll look good with anything. Anything at all. I apply it to the room, perfect. This color is amazing. The furniture looks elegant against the elegance of this wall color. I stared at it for a long time then said to myself, “This is it. This is my new signature color.” Read more


Furniture Placement Tips from Top Designers

Furniture Placement

Even the top designers take a great deal of care and attention when choosing and arranging the furniture in any given room. The scale and proportion of the individual pieces should not only complement one another, but they should also not interfere with the traditional traffic patterns from room to room. Here are a few of the basic tips for furniture arrangement from the leading interior design professionals.

Map out the normal pathways of each room. Then allow approximately 2 to 3 feet of aisle space as a good starting point. Add more if you need to, keeping your family and friends in mind at all times. Coffee tables are typically placed between 13 to 18 inches in front of the sofa. For homeowners using ottoman style coffee tables for putting your feet up, use a spacing closer to the 13 inch range. More formal living room areas would usually require more space. And every piece of upholstered furniture should have its own side table, even if it is just a short, 12 inch stool.


Placement of the Bed

The guidelines of interior design always change a bit for homes with children. For kids’ bedrooms, it is perfectly acceptable to place the bed Read more


Essential Kitchen Design Tips For The Wanna-Be Chef!

I stood in my client’s kitchen staring at her incredibly small kitchen area.  She had called me in requesting a change to her layout. She hoped to start entertaining friends and showing off her “fabulous” culinary skills.  Considering the limited space, I felt there was no room for error, and didn’t want to shoot from the hip.  So, I began researching the kitchen rules, and here’s some of things I learned throughout my “kitchen remodel” journey:

Photo credits:

  • The “Work Triangle” will help your kitchen work flow.  The work triangle is an imaginary triangle in the kitchen between your work areas. The Work triangle states that there shouldn’t be any less than 4 feet between the work spaces, and no more than 9 feet.   The concept of this was developed in the early 20th century and is still used to this day. It doesn’t work in all kitchens (like ones with a single wall) but it does in most. Ideally, there should not be much traffic flow through the work triangle area.

If you fail to consider the work triangle in your design, you better work on your throwing and catching skills like in the following video:-)

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Thrifting: What to look for?

File:Mandeville Antique shop porch.JPG

Photo by Infrogmation (talk) of New Orleans

Where does your mind go when you hear “thrift shop”? You may think Macklemore’s song or Goodwill but when I hear that I think those old rundown shops on the sides of the mountain roads. If you’ve ever been in the mountains and saw an antique sign drawn on the side of the road you can assume there will be something good in there. It may be hidden under a pile of junk, but there’s something good in there. Here’s some examples of good thrift shop finds and what you can do with them to benefit your home: Read more


Bedroom Design: Ideas For a Stylish and Modern Look

Bedroom Design


Since your bedroom is a place of rest, one of the most essential elements is choosing a versatile color scheme which makes it easier for you to pair fabrics and furniture. Key to this is ensuring clean lines, fresh and peaceful colors which create a soft and soothing bedroom design.  Follow the suggestions below and create a dream bedroom fit for royalty! Read more


Simple And Fabulous Entryway Design

Entryway Design Picture

Photo Credit: Home by Novogratz. Design: Cortney and Robert Novogratz

An entryway or a foyer is the space where transition is made from the outside to the inside of your home. The entryway is the first place where your guests form their first impression of the house, and creating a memorable space is essential. This can be done by choosing the right color, furniture and decoration.


The entryway above features a contemporary Read more


His and Her Closet Space

His and Hers Closet Space

In the fight for equality in domestic relationships everywhere, sometimes the personal touch can make all the difference. When separating the very limited real estate of clothing storage, tensions can be run high. Everyone has way more stuff than anticipated, no one knows where to put those pairs of boots, and it might be tempting to throw away that tattered shirt on your sweetie’s back.

A very simple way to solve this problem is Read more