Decorating the Dining Room Table

Decorating a Dining Room TableThe dining room table is often the heart of the home. This is where we come together as a family to discuss the events of the day, but it can also be the focal point of more elaborate celebrations. Because of these varying purposes, choosing the table decorations can depend on the event, the number of people, and of course your budget. And what about in between meals when the table is not being used at all? Here are some unique and rather inexpensive ideas for decorating your dining room table. Read more

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Top DIY Tips for Loft Decoration

Loft Design

Decorating a loft can be a bit of a challenge. The wide open spaces with expansive ceilings and lack of sufficient storage space can often leave us scratching our heads. A loft is not like a traditional apartment with individual doorways, lots of corners, and closets in every room. In many cases, the loft apartment is simply one, long interior space with very tall ceilings and enormous windows. It is a blank canvas ready to be transformed. Defining the individual areas for sleeping, dining, and conversation can be challenging but a great deal of fun. Let your creativity run free but follow a few basic guidelines. Read more

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I’ve Got The Hippie Hippie Shakes | Hippie Themed Decor

hippie image

Do you yearn for a simpler time? Do you harbor the secret of your inner hippie? Well come out of hiding! Take just one room of your home and turn it into a hippie shrine. Express yourself without fear of what others will say. Incorporating hippie themed decor into your life is easier than you think!

Bring Nature Home

Hippies are all about nature. Bring it into your home with wall colors that resemble colors found in nature: bright reds of flowers, blues of the sky, yellows of the sun, or greens of the trees.

You can also bring nature into the room with do-it-yourself projects such as dream catchers and wind chimes made from bamboo or even trimmings from the tree outside. Read more

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A Creative Spin on Your Average Bookcase

A Creative Spin on Your Average BookcaseThese are not your average knickknack shelves! They are a completely unique spin on tall bookshelves. This is a do-it-yourself project that is entirely achievable. First, set a Lazy Susan on the ground for the base. Take a cheap, tall bookshelf and place it on top of the Lazy Susan. Attach a mirror to the front and a cork board on the side! Now you have rotating shelves that can double as a bookcase, a clipboard, and a mirror! it doesn’t get much more convenient than this.

Finally you can use your old, dusty bookshelves for something useful. You can even attach hooks on the sides, as the decorator has done here; where you can hang your purses, belts, or sweaters. These efficient decorative items would go great in any dorm room, apartment, or suite. Now you can place your books, pictures, photo albums, makeup, knickknacks, and clothes all in the same place. Read more

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Making Use of Useless Doors!

Making Use of Useless Doors!Believe it or not, there is a use for old or broken doors. Use them as a table! The decorator here used a finished, green colored door for a table top and it looks fantastic. This is a definite do-it-yourself project that uses a lot of creativity but not much effort!

Just take an unused door, remove the hinges, and install it to four pieces of lumber. Now you have a lovely coffee table to sit right in your living room. Buying furniture can be expensive, but using old or useless furniture to make NEW furniture doesn’t cost a thing! Read more

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Using Drawers as Cupboard Shelves

Using Drawers as Cupboard ShelvesWhy has nobody ever thought of this? It not only looks amazing but appears to be spacious and efficient as well. These drawers were probably taken from an old dresser or a cabinet, then installed directly into this cupboard to use as moving shelves.

The decorator here brilliantly used the smaller drawers at the top of the cupboard, leading down into bigger drawers. Now every time this door is opened, you will find yourself with plenty of food choices, all neatly organized in their own separate drawer. When you’ve picked something, simply push all the drawers in and shut the door! What a simple and amazing process. Installation is a simple process, as well. Read more

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A Tanning Bed Built into The Shower Room

A Tanning Bed Built into The Shower RoomWow, a tanning bed installed directly into the shower? That’s completely ingenious. A clever and convenient idea for anyone who enjoys tanning in their spare time. We all have busy schedules, but what about those of us who still want to look good while working hard? Why not tan while you shower?

If I hadn’t already known that this was a tanning salon, I would still think this shower was gorgeous. It’s not too often that you think a shower looks pretty, as they all look the same. With the added colors of the tanning salon, this shower brightens up the whole bathroom. Read more

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Awesome Use of Decoration on a Door!

Awesome Use of Decoration on a Door!Who ever knew that a door could be known for its décor? This one just made the top of my list. When I saw this lovely door, I thought of an Ace of Spades card. This door looks amazing from the start. It’s bordered with an impressive outline of white open-paneled squares, making the door stand out above all others. I love the color and design too! The triangle top-pattern makes the door front a masterpiece of design. The door knocker and the handle are equally as impressive. Colored black, these aspects fit the door perfectly. Read more

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Raised Flower Beds with a Huge Fence as a Background

Raised-Flower-Beds-with-a-Huge-Fence-as-a-BackgroundThis is an incredible scenery. I was instantly reminded of a tropical jungle or a famous nursery that costs money to get into. This backyard is fun and flawless. It looks like the gardeners spent a great deal of time on each individual plant or flower, because every single one is stunningly gorgeous. The grass almost makes the whole picture; it’s obviously makeshift, but it works perfectly with the theme.

All the colors here are bright and beautiful. The front covering for the flower bed was a smart idea for keeping the flowers secure, and it looks lovely as well. I love the pink and yellow flowers set up in the flower bed. Read more

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Dream Come True Master Bedroom

Dream-Come-True-Master-BedroomWe have an excellent use of white and off-white in this master bedroom. This room looks like it was pulled straight from the luxury suite of a five star hotel. The bed looks almost too beautiful to sleep in, with the perfect shade of white for the comforters and the white/gray pillows perfectly arranged by color.

The nightstand to the left of the bed is unique and awesome. Judging from the view, it appears that its designed out of metal or steel. What a clever and original idea, swaying from the usual wooden material for nightstands. The décor on the nightstand is totally glamorous. Read more

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